Nick Matthew


The Nick Matthew Academy hosts a number of events throughout the year including Coaching workshops, Schools Festivals & Squash Masterclasses for all levels where people from all around the world travel to work with Nick & his coaching team at Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club in Sheffield. Nick’s #WolfonTour visits clubs all around the world hosting bespoke events for each individual venue & it’s members followed by an exhibition match involving Nick & a local professional player or player from Nick’s own Academy. In 2018 Dunlop relaunched its ‘Dunlop Roadshow’ with Nick in the role as host, made famous by the legendary Jonah Barrington throughout the 1990’s. It was in these events that Nick’s love for the sport was originally discovered and it’s been a big honour to follow in Jonah’s footsteps by hosting these UK wide events.

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Nick is also an Ambassador for Berkshire School in Massachusetts, USA & runs his US Summer Camps at Berkshire throughout the month of July. For more information on these US summer camps please visit




Wolf on Tour – Exhibition and coaching events

NMA Summer Camps USA @ Berkshire School

TOC Squash- RAM Challenge

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